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Hebrewheritage Institute Curriculum is the STORYLINE

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Hebrewheritage Institute Curriculum is the STORYLINE. We use the DEAD SEA SCROLLS to convey the Hebrew Bible storyline in the proper content and context of the original first century books discovered in 1947 at Qumran Caves, Israel.  All known Bibles are a version of the original which was curated, perserved and hidden by the Essene Community from about 200BC to 70AD at the destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. The Essene Community literally collected all known ancient text as a Library Collection of Ancient Scripture, compiled from the original prophet authors, from their known geographic location; with the exception of the prophetic book of Esther; which can only be found in Persia, today Iran-Iraq at the palaces of the 7th and 6th century empires. The Dead Sea Scrolls have been found to contain additional works not included in the illegal 4th century AD canonization; this is because only a Hebrew can CANONIZE the Hebrew Bible.  The safe keeping of the text by the Hebrew Essene Community is the Canonization of the Books in fulfillment of the instructions found in Daniel 12; seal the book, to be preserved for a future date; thus the Essene Community Sealed The Books. The future date is based on the finding of the ancient text (1947); Israel returning permanently to their land (1948),  and the restoration of the Nationhood and Dynasty of King David which occurs at the Battle of Armageddon, as well as, throughout eternity, the Kingdom which follows after the Gentile Kingdoms have come to their complete and final end. Each prophetic event fulfills the prophecies in the books of Enoch, Seventh from Adam, the son of Jared, the first human Prophet; as well as, the Major Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.

In 1947 the original books were discovered by non Islamic Judean Bedouins; subsequently the Archaeological Community excavated; the Israel Antiquities Authority documented and researched the authenticity, the Leon Levy Museum exhibit the Scrolls, as well as the Shrine of the Book, Israel. Along with other facilities throughout the world; and Online through the Google Cultural Project digitally recorded  text of the Dead Sea Scrolls which can be found online in both Hebrew and English.

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